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Capital Raising
A proven track record in capital raising.


Fund Formation
A legal advisor for both Offshore Funds of Hong Kong Funds.


Corporate Matters
An ability for comprehensive review and drafting.


A results oriented approach to structuring.

A Hong Kong Solicitor who can take action.

External General Counsel

An advisor to address your business needs.


No Billable Hours

All legal services provided at agreed, fixed fees.

Guaranteed Value

A service guarantee stands behind our work.

Experienced Advice

Everything receives partner-level attention.

Client Focused

We only take on work that we are genuinely excited about.


International legal advice, delivered locally.

Solutions Oriented

We strive to provide legal solutions efficiently so that clients can focus on their business.


Our Clientele ​

International Corporations


Financial Institutions

Family Offices

Asset Managers


Professional Investors

Growth Companies


Luxury Brands

Blockchain Ventures

DCLO is the exclusive Hong Kong member of Interlegal, a network of 51 independent law firms across 48 countries, meaning DCLO can provide global coverage to our clients through trusted partners.

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Driven by demand for quality international legal services from an independent law firm that is both effective and efficient, David Cameron Law Office ("DCLO") was founded in 2021.  DCLO is a Hong Kong law firm that is qualified to act on Hong Kong law and also New York law. Standing behind all of our work is David Cameron and his 16 years of experience in the Hong Kong market including at the largest law firms in the world, such as Linklaters and Allen & Overy.

DCLO is a corporate law firm, offering advice and solutions on general corporate matters, capital raising, fund formation and contract law. DCLO also has specialized areas in structuring transactions, litigation and acting as external general counsel for growing companies that do not yet have their own in-house legal counsel.

DCLO is also deeply involved in Hong Kong initiatives, such as Family Offices, Hong Kong Limited Partnership Funds (LPFs), Hong Kong Open-ended Fund Companies (OFCs) and Hong Kong's Capital Investment Entrant Scheme.

At DCLO, we operate exclusively on a fixed fee pricing approach. This means that, in the history of DCLO, all of our invoices have been for the exact amount that was agreed in advance. Not only does this give cost certainty to our clients, but also with our fixed-fee approach, our emphasis is on results, outcomes and outputs for our clients rather than time spent, and we believe this better aligns clients' interests with ours. 

About DCLO
David Cameron



The Wharton School, MBA (2008)

University of Pennsylvania Law School, JD (2008)

The Lauder Institute, MA (2008)

Georgetown University, BA (2002)


Hong Kong & New York


Linklaters 7.5 years

Allen & Overy 2.5 years

Dorsey & Whitney 2 years

DCLO 3 years

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David is a dual-qualified Hong Kong solicitor and New York attorney who has been advising on corporate matters and financial transactions across Asia, based out of Hong Kong, for over 15 years. David has worked for Linklaters and Allen & Overy in addition to, most recently, being a Partner at Dorsey & Whitney. 

David is a dual-qualified Hong Kong solicitor and New York attorney who has been advising on corporate matters and financial transactions across Asia, based out of Hong Kong, for over 15 years. David has worked for Linklaters and Allen & Overy in addition to, most recently, being a Partner at Dorsey & Whitney. 

David has a proven track-record of helping clients with enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial approach. This has resulted in multiple first-ever transactions and initiatives that have led to first-ever national rankings and various international awards. David is consistently ranked globally by institutions such as IFLR1000 and also ranked regionally by institutions such as IBLJ's Top 100 International A-List. 

David holds three graduate degrees, a JD, an MBA and an MA, from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA from Georgetown University.​



Emblematic of our unique approach among law firms, DCLO actively seeks out guidance, advice and feedback both from our Board of Advisors, who are business leaders in the community, in addition to our clients. We aim to continually improve in order to lead the market. 

Christophe Lee

Founder and CEO of Lotus Asset Managment

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Catherine Leung

Co-Founder and Partner of MizMaa Ventures

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Sanjay Khanduri

Managing Director at Silver Spring Capital

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“Before DCLO came along, we struggled to find the right law firm. The US and UK law firms are big (and expensive). The local HK firms don't have the international experience. DCLO is right in the sweet spot and the perfect fit for us”



Private Equity Firm

“As our External General Counsel, David has grown to know our business inside and out. I can call him anytime, and he will already know the background to the issues at hand. He always gives practical advice and is an invaluable sounding board, not just for legal issues but also on the business side.” 


Real Estate Investment Firm

“We are willing to pay top dollar for legal services, but as founders in our firm, it is our capital and we care how the money is spent. It goes to our bottom line. At DCLO, we know David is paying personal attention to our needs.”


Managing Partner

Private Investment Office

Mountain Range


➢  Establishing Hong Kong Limited Partnership Funds for LPs to participate in an M&A transaction.


➢  Recovering monetary damages from a former employee of client who broke non-compete clauses.


➢  Advising on structuring real estate investment in 5-star hotel in Lombardy region of Italy.

➢  Offshore fund formation, both Cayman SPs and BVI LPs, working together with offshore counsel.


➢  Serving statutory demands on defaulting borrowers in anticipation of involuntary winding up petitions.


➢  Acting as External General Counsel to companies in Hong Kong who are yet to hire in-house counsel.​

Reorganisation of a Hong Kong company in the hospitality industry ahead of a share swap. 


Acting as lead counsel on a series A fundraising round for a company in the biomedical space.


Providing Hong Kong legal opinion and New York legal opinions.

➢ Acting on loan transactions.

Exampl Work
Legal Updates


At DCLO, we strive to empower our clients through the sharing of legal updates and our own analysis, as a market leader staying ahead of developments. 

27 May 2024

Investment Funds, Legal Personality and Opening a Bank Account

Is opening a bank account for your investment fund becoming a slow and arduous process? Is it the case that banks hear the word “fund” and start asking for more and more documentation? Perhaps a better understanding of “legal personality” could help to speed things up.

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26 March 2024

DCLO Webinar on Hong Kong's New Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (CIES)

Hong Kong's Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (CIES) was launched March 1st 2024 and provides for a pathway to residency in Hong Kong upon investment of HK$30 million (US$3.8 million). In this webinar, David Cameron Law Office (DCLO) will outline the salient points of the new CIES in 30 minutes.

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4 March 2024

The New Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (CIES) opened for application on 1 March 2024
The government announcement cited that, Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK), responsible for assessing whether the applications fulfil the financial requirements under the Scheme, reported that as at close of business on the first day of launch, the department received over 100 enquiries from different channels, including at its counter, through its hotline and online. Around 70 per cent are professional service providers.

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29 February 2024

A Status Update on Hong Kong Open-ended Fund Companies (OFCs)

As of the end of February 2024, there were 764 Open-ended Fund Companies ("OFCs") established in Hong Kong. OFCs are a collective investment scheme structured as a company with variable capital. This 764 figure is since the introduction of the OFC which was in June 2018. There are no OFCs showing as having been registered in 2018 and only one for the entire year of 2019. Excluding that first year and a half with only one OFC, there have been on average 17.4 OFCs established per month. That seems like a small number given Hong Kong's status as a leading international financial centre.

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26 January 2024

Will Hong Kong's New Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (CIES) be a Mega Boon for Limited Partnership Funds (LPFs)?

Last month, the Hong Kong Government announced details of the new Capital Investment Entrant Scheme ("CIES"). Individuals who have HK$30 million (approximately US$3.8 million), can apply for the scheme and, if they fulfil the requirements, which are relatively low, they can obtain Hong Kong permanent residency status in 7 years' time. While being allowed to remain in Hong Kong for that 7 years, applicants must keep the HK$30 million invested pursuant to, and in compliance with, the CIES. 10% of that HK$30 million must be invested in a designated CIES fund. The other 90% of that HK$30 million, or HK$27 million, must be invested in "Permissible Investment Assets".

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27 December 2023

Simultaneous Business Registration Applications on Registration of Limited Partnership Funds (LPFs)

Starting from 27 December 2023, the Companies Registry (“Registry”) and Inland Revenue Department (“IRD”) has jointly implemented the simultaneous business registration applications on registration of LPFs. An LPF applicant who applies for registration of an LPF under the Limited Partnership Fund Ordinance (Cap. 637) (“LPFO”) will be deemed to have made a simultaneous application for business registration.

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19 December 2023

Hong Kong Announces its New Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (CIES)

The Government announced today (December 19) the details of the new Capital Investment Entrant Scheme ("CIES"). Announcing the details of the new CIES at a press briefing, the Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, Mr Christopher Hui, noted the 2023-24 Budget set out that a new CIES would be introduced with a view to further enriching the talent pool and attracting more new capital to Hong Kong.

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